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Enchanted collection


"This Collection, created during Christmas holidays,
as a tribute to roundness, joy and optic art"

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Blue Cachemire, contemporary collection luxury dishware
Our last collection

Blue Cachemire

The blue Collection with its 56 shades from blue to green, « all the blues from the ocean to the sky », and a cashmere.

Bi-Color Collection

Bi-Color Collection
limited edition
Animaux Bijoux Collection, elegant tableware 100% Fine Porcelain Home By Kristy
a touch of jungle chic

Bijoux Animals Collection

Animals Bijoux, a complete collection of fine porcelain plates, tea and coffee set
Self-taught artist designer


Christine Zimmermann likes beauty, chic, to surprise her friends and more than anything, she likes colours.

These colours are made to pimp and embelish your mornings and therefore your days. Colours are made to serve your life. The pop colours she chooses are strong like Klein blue(s) and her drawing have the roundish shapes of Vasarely’s paintings.

Her vision is one of a painter but also of a sculptor who likes to play with classics. As a young adult, she dreamt of being a painter, bought a few canvas and started painting abstact paintwork, with oil and knife painting.
But soon enough, she felt that she needed to create in 3D. She, then, decided to add a new colour to her palet and started sculpting.

Christine's favorite design

Rainbow Collection

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